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Name: Ms. Hattie Weaver
Position: Urban Facilitator for Special Projecta
Department: College of Education
Phone: 314-340-3670
Office: Room 207 HGAB
Degrees Held:
Master of Education
University of Missouri - St. Louis


Bio: Hattie K. Weaver has been intricately involved in working with urban youth of all ages and sizes for many years. A product of a single parent home, she has more than a passing familiarity with many of the circumstances and difficulties that face urban youth today. As a student in the public school system of St. Louis, she faced many of the same hardships and problems which challenge today’s youth. She was able to face and defeat many of these challenges and completed high school at an early age. “Books were my salvation and escape from my environment,” is her favorite statement when asked how did she make it. She continued her education at the then named, Harris Teachers College and completed her degree requirements in four years. An urban teaching career of over twenty-five years followed. During this time she worked in and out of the classroom with her students lending any help that was needed. Ms. Weaver considers herself fortunate to be at Harris-Stowe (for the second time around) and working with students, many coming from the same types of homes and neighborhoods where she grew up. Ms. Weaver began to meet her former middle-school students at Harris-Stowe State University, as they entered college. It was then that she realized she had come full circle. Those elementary and middle school students whom she had taught and nurtured reached college and needed someone to continue to pave the way. For some, making the transition from high school behaviors and habits proved difficult. It was necessary to assist many of them in “finessing” through the system. Adapting and adopting different behaviors and applying a more mature approach to solving problems are not easy tasks for many of our students. Ms. Weaver was able to continue working with those students for a while through the University’s Outreach Programs: Upward Bound, Talent Search, Gear-Up and through the higher education component, Student Support Services. She has since moved on from these positions and now serves as the Campus Advisor for The Collegiate 100, also known by its pseudonym 100 S.T.R.O.N.G. (Striving To Reach our Next Generation) and campus sponsor for her sorority, Delta Sigma Theta, Inc. Ms. Weaver prides herself on being a successful role model for students, especially those who have similar roots as hers. It shows they too can make that "great leap" from the worst parts of town, where people languish without hope or dreams, to careers and lives where all things are possible. She feels that The Collegiate 100 is by far one of her shining lights. Our students are prepared to move into prominent positions in the community infrastructure. If we hope for our community to survive and grow stronger, a strong infrastructure is necessary.

Educ 0223 - Computers and Instructional Technology

Educ 0201 - Foundations of Education

PED 0266 - Health and Wellness

Presentations: St. Louis Public Schools - "Working with students in Alternative School Settings"
Certifications: Extensive course work in Educational Technology.  Special emphasis on technology applications for the classroom.

St. Louis American - "Educator of the Year"

St. Louis Collaborative for College Access

St. Louis Public Schools - Academic Olympics

Collegiate 100 - Sponsor

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