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Name: Dr. Yolanda Diaz
Position: Assistant Professor of Spanish
Department: College of Arts and Sciences
E-mail: DiazY@hssu.edu
Phone: 314-340-5666
Office: 210 HGAB
Degrees Held:
Doctor of Philosophy
La Salle University
Master of Arts
St Louis University
Bachelor of Arts
St Thomas Aquinas (Argentina)
Public Relations
Associate of Arts
Nuestra Señora del Huerto (Argentina)
Elementary Education
Doctor of Philosophy
Aquinas University (Argentina)


Bio: Dr. Yolanda Díaz is Assistant Professor of Spanish and Latin American Culture, and is the Director of the Multicultural Council at Harris-Stowe State University. She is also a Spanish Instructor at St. Louis University and the President of the new Latino Institute for Language and Culture. Her BA degree in Elementary Education and Public Relations were earned in Argentina (Universidad del Norte Santo Tomás de Aquino). Her Masters of Art and Ph.D. in Education were earned at the USA (St. Louis University and LaSalle University respectively). She also holds a Ph.D. in Communications from Aquinas University (Argentina). Her dissertation was written and defended on "Spanish as a Second Language: A Program for the Schools of Today." (USA) and "International Communications"  (Argentina). In 2005, Dr. Yolanda Díaz received the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Civic Award of the Year, for her work with the Hispanic community. She was also nominated for the 2007 Adjunct Teacher’s Award at St. Louis University. She is the co-founder of the new Latino Institute for Language and Culture, which started to work in St. Louis with her own learning method, called EDUCAVI®, a specific method of integrating content of all areas of knowledge. She has the license to promote and to use Study Technology®, a very precise method that teaches students to learn and study. Dr. Díaz has been working in education for 38 years. She is also a member of “INNOVACIONES,” a consulting firm dedicated to promote Peace and Integration through Education in the Hispanic world. Dr. Diaz’ books and philosophy in teaching were used in Argentina for more than 22 years, and today is being used in the USA. To date, she has participated in 153 national and international dissertations and workshop presentations. In October 2013 she obtained the Award "Making the Difference through Education", from the Latino Institute for Language and Culture during the Hispanic Heritage Month, at Harris-Stowe State University. 

In Argentina:

Communications - 
Oratory -
Public Relations -
Methodogy -                                                                                       Curriculum Development -                                                                  Spanish -

In the USA:

Spanish 110 - 210 - 310 and 410 -
Latin American Culture -
World's Affairs - Multicultural Education -                                     Information and Communication Systems -                                         Learning how to learn -


In the USA in Spanish (International Programs):

Creativity in the classroom;
Curriculum Development;
Quality in Education;
Human Relations at School;                                                             Organizing Workshops



Teaching Spanish as a Second Language - Cross Cultural Awareness - An Integrated Program for the Schools of Today.

Handbook on Thinking Development Methods.

International Communication in Businesses.

Registered as “Doman-San Luis Methodology”- NP-42144-84 - Published by San Luis Gonzaga College - Tucumán - Argentina.


Until November 2012, Dr. Díaz had 158 presentations in Argentina, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and the USA.

Her presentations at Cambio de Colores Conference, organized by the University of Missouri system, were: "The Magic of the Multicultural Classroom", "Integration and Inclusion of the Latino students and their parents" and "Innovations - Tools for the Classroom."

Last workshops in the USA (2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012); In Salta, Argentina (Dec. 2007 and 2008) were at the Catholic University of Salta. In Tucumán (Dec. 2008) at CELADI ARGENTINA and Instituto Americano "Juan B. Alberdi" (Tucuman). Topic: "Learning how to Learn" (in Spanish).

During the year 2013 Dr. Diaz helped to develop the First Bilingual Institute at Caleta Olivia, Patagonia Argentina.

Certifications: Method EDUCAVI (from Latin to educate, to feed). It is her own method to teach in an integrative system.
Learning how to Learn;
Certified by Applied Scholastics International-Responsible for the promotion of the method in the Hispanic world.

1979 - Child National Fair - First Prize Best Cultural Contribution - Booth "Small World";

1989- Government of Tucuman (Argentina) - Diploma for the work done in the areas of Communications and Education;

1991-Argentine Federation of University Women;

1992- Representing the Institution before the International Institution (Geneva) Congress in Stanford, California;

1992-Ministry of Education - Tucumán, Argentina - Silver plaque for representing the University Women of Tucumán in the 24th World Conference - California;

2005-St. Louis Hispanic Chamber of Commerce - Civic Award of the Year

2013-Latino Institute for Language and Culture - Award "Making the Difference through Education" - during HHM at Harris-Stowe State University - St. Louis, Missouri