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Name: Dr. Lawrence Jones
Position: Adjunct Faculty
Department: Anheuser-Busch School of Business
E-mail: JonesL@hssu.edu
Phone: 314-256-8164
Office: C05 ABSBA
Degrees Held:
Doctor of Philosophy
Saint Louis University
Business Administration
Doctor of Philosophy
Saint Louis University
Business Admin(OR/MS) /Chemistry
Master of Business Administration
Saint Louis University
Operations Research
Bachelor of Science
Central State University, OHIO




PREVIOUS  POSITION as of June 2007:

(1992- 2007) St. Louis University, St. Louis, MO, as Assistant Professor in the Department of Decision Science & MIS, School of Business and Administration;

(1992-1993) Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Management & Decision Sciences.  Taught undergraduate/graduate course in decision sciences-operations research/management science, production operations management, and applied statistical (data analysis) methods.


Deputy Director, National Center for Drug Analysis, US Food & Drug Administration (NCDA), St. Louis, MO. January 1976 to August 1992.  The FDA is worldwide standards setting Agency.  The position required him to serve as a senior scientist, host and trainer for my counterparts from many countries, governments and organizations - for examples - Canadian Food & Drug, ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations, World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations, PAHO, FAO, USAID-for managers, health care specialists, scientists and regulatory officers from all continents.  Jones has testified in Federal Courts, helped prepare testimony several times as a government witness for cases brought by the FDA against lawbreaker and for testimony to the US House and Senate.





  Introduction to Statistics

  Introduction to Operation Research/Management Science 

  Production and Operations Management BSAD 0455 (HSSU).

  Business Statistics BSAD0315 (HSSU)

Graduate (MBA):


 Statistics DSC510 (SLU);

 Operations Management DSC501 (SLU).


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    Exhibit chairman and a session chairman for the Association of Official Analytical Chemists (AOAC) Annual  International Meeting held in St. Louis, MO, Fall, 1980.


   "National Center for Drug Analysis Role in Establishing   Bioequivelancies" presented at the St. John's Pharmacy Group Meeting, St. Louis, MO, October 1977.


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   Interview “A Safety Cap for Drugs (National Center for Drug Analysis)” reported by Allen Levy, Staff Write,  Globe-Democrat  Feb 11, 1984.


 KMOX-TV(CBS) Max Liebermann’s “Ask Your Pharmacist .” October 1985.   Featured in television interview with Max Libermann on the topic of “Drug Bioequivalencies Testing of Brand versus Generic Products.”


    KSDK-TV(NBC), October 1985.  Local News regarding the topic of “Drug Bioequivalencies Testing of Brand versus Generic Products.”


   "A Multicriteria Decision Model of Allocating Resource to the FDA's    Drug Quality Assurance, TIMS/ORSA Meeting, Los Angeles, CA, April 1995.


Invited speaker on Total Quality Management, Statistical  Process Controls, Team Building and Empowerment, and Current Good Manufacturing Practices at the Calgon Vestal Corporation,  St. Louis, MO, Sept. 1996.


 Invited Guest Speaker for the 1996 George F. Calloway   Distinguished Lecturer Series presented annually by the combined Cincinnati  District Office and the Forensic Chemistry Center, of the USFDA, Jan. 1996.


     Guest lecturer at the National Institute for Hygienic  Science, Osaka, Japan on Forensic Screening, Quality Assurance (QA)/Good Laboratory Practices (GLP), June 1992.


 Guest lecturer at the National Laboratory for Foods & Drugs, Department of Health, Executive Yuan, Taipei, Taiwan on Total Quality  Management (TQM) and Good Laboratory Practices (GLP), May 1992.


  Guest speaker at the San Juan, P. R., Joint American  Society for Quality Control and FDA on Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP). The program was targeted to the very large San Juan  Pharmaceutical industry. Approximately 50% of all finished products sold  by US based firms have production facilities in Puerto Rico, Jan. 1992.


 Guest speaker at the San Francisco, Joint American Society  for Quality Control and FDA on Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP), Dec. 1991


 Guest speaker at the Atlanta Joint American Society for  Quality Control and FDA on Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP), Sept. 1991..


 Guest speaker at the United States Pharmacopoeia  Committee for Regulatory  Standards on Drug (product) Fingerprint Analysis, Orlando, Florida, Aug. 1991..


 Guest speaker at the San Francisco, Joint American Society  for Quality (Control) and FDA on Current Good Manufacturing   Practices (CGMP), Dec 1991..


 Guest lecturer at the 49th Chemical Conference of the Puerto Rico Chemists Association's Annual Collegio de Quimico (College of Chemistry) in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Sept. 1990.






 “Generalized Linear Model- Advanced Regression- Nonstandard Conditions, ” Virginia Tech University 2003


“Applied Multivariate Methods,”  Kansas State Univ. 2001


 Effective Master Teacher Program at the Georgia State  University 1999.


"Master Planning" offered by APICS, 1996.


"Basic Supply Chain Management" offered by APICS, 1994


"Senior Executive Program" at Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, June 14, 1991.

"Management Development Seminar" at the Western Excecutive Seminar Center, Denver,CO. December 10-21, 1984.

"FDA Supervisory Development Course" in Bethesda, MO in 1964. 


    Recipient of the 2004, Faculty Excellence  Award, Presented by the Associated Students, St. Louis University.


   Distinguished Lecturer for the 1996, George F. Calloway Distinguished Lecture Series.  Annually by the US Food and Drug Administration- Cincinnati District Office and the Forensic Chemistry Center, Cincinnati, Ohio.


   Recipient of the 1995, Outstanding Teacher Award, Presented by the St. Louis University Chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma,  School of Business and Administration.


 Feature Article and Picture Cover of  JUST TIMES, Vol. 3, No. 2, 1992 publication.


 Recipient of the 1992, St. Louis American, Salute to Excellence Award for valued leadership given to St. Louis Regional Science & Technological Center, The University of Missouri,  St. Louis, MO.


 Recipient of the 1986 Award from the St. Louis Federal Business Association.


 Recipient of the 1984 Award from the Office of Equal Employment Opportunity, Center for Drugs and Biologics, FDA.


  Recipient of the 1974 FDA Award of Merit. The highest award given by the Agency, as a Member of the Digoxin Methodology Group. The award was presented by the Commissioner of Foods and Drugs  for  “Exemplary performance in the planning and develpment of research quality control methods for use in an innovative regulatory program covering digoxin tablets and resulting in significant consumer protection.”