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Dr. Cammie Connor

Dr. Cammie E. Connor joins Harris-Stowe State University as the Director of Counseling Services. She holds a PhD in Higher Education Administration, an MS in Marriage and Family Therapy and is a Licensed  Professional Counselor.

Dr. Connor has over 15 years of experience presenting professional developments, facilitating workshops geared towards effective parenting, trauma informed care and Intergenerational cycles of trauma.  

Dr. Connor has an authentic outlook designed to facilitate and support personal and developmental change. As an educator and therapist, she believes, personal well-being is a function of knowing who we are – through the role of accepting life transitions that will offer fulfillment so individuals can experience positive change in the interruption of intergenerational transmission of trauma or other life stressors.

Dr. Connor is excited to be a part of the Harris-Stowe State University family. She welcome's all students to take part in individual, family, group or couples counseling. She can be reached at (314) 340-5089,  or in Room 111A of the Rev. Dr. William G. Gillespie Residence Hall and Student Center (GRH).


River Dowdy

Central Methodist University
Clinical Counseling Intern

North American Drama Therapy Association Alternative Training Student

Bringing Embodied, Creative Arts, and Drama Therapy Virtually to Harris-Stowe State University

I use creative arts therapies, sandtrays, storytelling, sound and movement and play to help connect the brain and the body in order to identify and process destructive patterns, identify strengths and foster spontaneity and resilience. While the current mode of therapy, due to the pandemic, is through a screen, the use of art, sandtray, storytelling, sound and movement, and play are still accessible in creative ways.

Drama Therapy Institute DvT - New Haven Connecticut
Polaris Developmental Transformations Institute -Chicago Level 1 DvT

Email me at to set up an appointment.



JoCetta Dennis

Covenant Theological Seminary 
Counseling Intern

Bringing Solution Focus, Attachment, and Motivational Therapies
Virtually to Harris-Stowe State University

I use Solution Focused and Motivational Therapies to establish confidence and trust with the self to accomplish goals and desires. I love to use stories and other elements of Narrative therapy to explore the self and relationships that affect every day. My goal is to assist you in clearing your own path to achieve emotional, mental, relational, and physical balance.

Email me at to set up an appointment.



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For free crisis counselling after hours call BHR (Behavior Health Response)



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