The Office of Financial Assistance
Student Worker Program

The goal of the Student Worker Program at Harris-Stowe State University is to prepare our students for the real world by providing an experience that helps mold them into the professionals that businesses are searching for. Thus, we are in the process of revamping the entire structure of our program for the upcoming school year and encourage all students to monitor their Hornet mail for communications regarding the changes that are underway.

2016 Student Worker Candidates

Applications for the 2016 Fall Semester will begin being accepted on May 2, 2016. The application process will now require students to submit a resume with their application, and all candidates are encouraged to participate in as many professional development opportunities as possible (participation is confirmed via Form SWP10-Receipt of Professional Development and will be requested at time of application submission). Check your Hornet Mail regularly for opportunities!

Student Worker File Cabinet

Basic Forms:

  • TIME SHEETS  - Handwritten time sheets will not be processed. Click here for assistance with converting your time sheet minutes!
                     - Pay Period 1: January 11th - January 16th
                          - Pay Period 2: January 17th - January 31st
                          - Pay Period 3: February 1st - February 15th
                          - Pay Period 4: February 16th - February 29th
                          - Pay Period 5: March 1st - March 15th
                          - Pay Period 6: March 16th - March 31st
                          - Pay Period 7: April 1st - April 15th
                          - Pay Period 8: April 16th - April 30th
                          - Pay Period 9: May 1st - May 7th* - Not all Student Workers are eligible to work this period; please confirm with the Student Worker Program Coordinator in the Office of Financial Assistance before working.
  • Direct Deposit Application - Be sure to attach a voided check or a direct deposit slip, which can usually be obtained from your financial institution or from their website.
  • Form SWP4 - Shift Details (sign-in sheet to be used in all departments and submitted by Supervisor with each set of time sheets.)
  • Form SWP 7 - Supervisor Evaluation - Be sure to provide raw, honest feedback on your experience this semester in the department you were assigned to. This evaluation form (due by 12/11/2015 for the fall and 12/14/2016 for the spring) is used to identify what areas still need improvement.

Supervisor References

  • Form SWP4 - Shift Details (sign-in sheet to be used in all departments and submitted by Supervisor with each set of time sheets.)

    Workshops will be offered once the application is posted for resume writing and interviewing, so be sure to check back for details!

    Do you need more information? Feel free to contact us Monday - Friday from 8 AM until 5:00 PM at (314) 340-3500, or email us at