Program Objectives

Program Objectives

1. Foster a successful transition to college for participant
  • Participants will attend a specialized orientation prior to start of class
  • Will be placed in groups and assigned a mentor.They will meet with mentor twice a month to provide academic, moral and social support

2. Implement strategies to assist in improving the academic success of African-American males include:
  • Monitor grades
  • Offer academic tutoring to support students. Will also include subject specific tutoring which will include mentee, faculty, and  student success center who will assist students in attaining  improved grades.
  • Provide guidance for students with issues of academic major and career counseling.
  • Encourage students to visit professors during office hours.
  • Encourage students to apply for scholarships and/or grants that are specific to their major.
  • Have participants develop personal goals and strategies for which they will follow for semester.

3. Implement strategies to enhance the retention, progression, and graduation of African-American males.
  • Participants and mentors will attend monthly meeting during the semester. At these meetings the agenda will vary and include guest speakers, workshops, activities, and discussions that foster the growth of the African-American male.
  • Students will be strongly encouraged to become members of at least one student organization on campus.
  • Participants will experience one off campus activity which would include study abroad, student leadership conference, or major related internship
  • Open forum with African-American professionals to discuss preparation for the real world.
  • Students will participate in personal growth workshops which may include mock interviewing, visit counseling center, and dressing for success.
  • Special banquet to be held each year to give recognition for program participants.

4. Community service for each class of Summer Bridge Black Male Mentee's and Black Male Fellows (Priority-enhancing the lives of Black Males in the local K-12 school districts)

Anticipated Outcomes

  1. Program participants will have higher GPA's (minimum of 0.30  points) than African-American male non-participants.
  2. Program participants will decrease or eliminate the gap between  average GPA's of all other demographic groups that traditionally  outperform African-American males.
  3. First-year retention rates will be higher (minimum of 5%) than  non-participant African-American males.
  4. Program participants will decrease or eliminate the gap between retention rates of all other demographic groups that traditionally outperform African-American males.
  5. Participants' 4, 5, and 6 year graduation rates will exceed (minimum of 5%) that of non-participant African-American males.
  6. The gap between other demographic groups 4, 5, 6 year graduation rates and program participants will decrease or be eliminated.
  7. Participant's level of student satisfaction will be higher than non-participant African-American males.
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