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includED® Full Book Rental Program

includED® Full Book Rental Program


Harris-Stowe State University has partnered with Follett to offer a new book rental program beginning with the fall 2014 semester.


Introducing Follett’s includED program, a groundbreaking initiative that delivers all required course materials, both print and digital, to students as part of their student fees. It’s a simple idea that delivers tremendous benefits for students, and the University. By ensuring student access to all required course materials, includED drives engagement and academic success. And, students can experience enhanced affordability as well.


Everyone is includED®


Working together through the includED program presents a unique “win-win-win-win” proposition for students, the University, Follett and its publisher partners, allowing each to focus on what it does best in order to deliver tremendous benefits for all.


Students are includED aving all required course materials on

•Having all required course materials on the first day of class helps students be more engaged, ultimately leading to a better educational experience.

• Students don’t have to spend time searching for deals on books and they can apply financial aid to the cost of their course materials. It’s easier than ever for students to access, manage and use digital course materials.


Faculty are includED

• Faculty have the freedom to choose the course material that best meets the goals of their curriculum.

• Faculty can be more effective and focused on teaching because students have all the right required materials and

are prepared on day one.

• Course materials are more affordable and accessible for all students.

• Instructors don’t have to play a “tech support” role for digital course materials.


HSSU includED Details

The includeED Full Book Rental Program is not optional. The book rental fee includes all required course materials (i.e. text books, print materials, access codes, etc.). Students will be able to purchase (or rent when available) non-required course materials that are not covered by the program.


Students that have a credit balance once all fees are assessed (i.e. student center, technology, includED) can request up to a $200 Follett Book Store credit to purchase supplies, non-required course materials, etc. The Office of Financial Assistance is available to assist students with this process.

The includED fees and or program information are as follows:

  • Students enrolled part-time will be assessed a fee of $75 per course.
  • Student enrolled in a full load of courses (12-16 credit hours) will be assessed $300 for their books.
  • Students enrolled in 16+ credit hours will be assessed a fee of $300 and $75 for each additional course.
  • Courses such as student teaching, degree-only, internship, constitution, and/or lab courses wherefore the workbook is not included in the program are excluded.
  • This is a rental program and students are required to return all books to Follett Bookstore prior to the end of every semester.
  • Failure of any student returning books rented will result in the student being charged the full price of the book and a hold placed on the student's account.
  • Books will be available to students two weeks prior to the start of the regular semester. 

For additional information about the includED program, please contact Follett Bookstore at (314) 340-5338.