The Office of the Registrar
Never Attend Administrative Withdrawal Policy

Students reported by instructors as not in attendance or having a 100 percent absence record through the Official University Administrative Withdrawal Date for attendance, will be administratively withdrawn from class(es) with no tuition or fees, except the admissions application processing and or late registration fees. The administrative withdrawal date for never attending courses may be found in the Course Schedule published each semester/session. Federal financial assistance awards will be cancelled and returned or reduced by the total number of classes that a student has been administratively withdrawn during that semester. In cases in which some courses were never attended, but others were attended, only the tuition of the courses never attended will be refunded to the payer.

Administrative withdrawals for never attending meeting the aforementioned conditions are valid and will stand. Students may appeal administrative withdrawal from class for having never attended only when erroneously withdrawn, in that absences resulting in the withdrawal are inaccurate as the student attended class by the official university administrative withdrawal date for attendance. In the event that a student has been reported with all absences in error, both the student and instructor must appeal the withdrawal by submitting the Never Attend Reinstatement Form available on MYHSSU to the Office of the Registrar by each semester’s reinstatement deadline. The never attend reinstatement deadline is determined by the Offices of the Registrar and Financial Assistance and provided in the official notice of withdrawal to both students and instructors. Instructors must provide the dates attended prior to the official university administrative withdrawal date but reported absent in error and correct the report errors. Instructors must provide the dates that the student has attended and the Registrar will determine if the student can be reinstated. Instructors are not obligated to complete this form if the student has never attended the class or has had excessive absences. Instructors are required to update attendance reports to complete the reinstatement. Upon verification that attendance reports have been updated, the Office of the Registrar will notify the Office of Financial Assistance of the reinstatement.