Financial Clearance Administrative Withdrawal Policy

Students are required to secure financial clearance when registering for courses. Financial clearance for registration is defined as demonstrating financial arrangements to pay total tuition and fees from one or more of the following resources: 


¨        Financial Aid Awards

¨        University Installment Agreements 

¨        Scholarships/Institutional Waivers

¨        Third-party Payers


Students securing financial clearance utilizing the University’s installment agreement must comply with the payment deadlines as established in the agreement. The University reserves the right to cancel the registration and administratively withdraw any student that fails to secure financial clearance by the noted deadline.   


Financial Clearance Administrative Withdrawal Policies and Procedures


1.    The University will attempt to notify students who have not secured financial clearance prior to canceling their registration.

2.    Students will be administratively withdrawn prior to the first day of class.

3.    During late registration, students will be administratively withdrawn daily.

4.    The University will nullify related tuition charges and fees, excluding the admissions fee, for cancelled registrations.

5.    The University reserves the right to assess tuition charges and fees for any courses attended.

6.    Students that have been administratively withdrawn may not attend classes without re-enrolling and securing financial clearance. 


Refer to the University calendars in the current course schedule for financial clearance deadlines.




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