Facilities Management
Building Maintenance

The goal of building maintenance is essentially two-fold:

  • To perform essential work to preserve and maintain the physical infrastructure in a manner conducive to an environment that is comfortable and promotes learning.
  • To modify, remodel and renovate buildings and facilities in such a manner that will improve the condition of the building and extend its life to be beneficial to university growth.

Building Maintenance
Service and work requests for general building maintenance should be submitted to the Business Office, Room 105 in the Administration Building. Work that is typically nonchargeable includes general plumbing, currently installed electrical circuit maintenance and repairs, air conditioning, issues with currently installed lighting, general door maintenance, locks and nonspecial key requests. Special key requests and special requests for the installation of additional electrical circuits may be chargeable items.

Preventive Maintenance
The goal of preventive maintenance is to prevent equipment failure that causes interruption to normal business processes and to extend the life cycle of equipment. Preventive maintenance is accomplished through performing routine inspections and work on mechanical, electrical and associated equipment in order to keep the equipment functioning properly. It is accomplished through the cataloguing of assets, ordering parts and materials, performing scheduled inspections and maintenance, and testing systems and equipment. 

Elevator Service
Service and maintenance to university elevators is performed by a private contractor. During normal business hours, requests for elevator service should be directed to the Business Office at (314) 340-3320. For persons trapped in elevators and for after-hours service, calls should be directed to Public Safety at (314) 340-3333.


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