Facilities Management
Custodial Services

Custodial services are provided by a contractor and monitored for compliance to contract terms and special requests by the Director of Business Services in the Business Office, Room 105 of the Administration Building. The Director of Business Services can be contacted by calling (314) 340-5763.

Special requests for cleaning are entered into a Custodial Services Night Log when needed. Contact the Business Office during normal business hours at least one day prior to when the cleaning should be accomplished to allow proper manpower allocation by the contractor.

Cleaning Services
General custodial cleaning services include wiping off phones, dusting of computers, wiping down desks, cleaning window sills and horizontal surfaces, vacuuming carpets, dusting, mopping, spot cleaning walls, mopping floors, cleaning chalkboards, cleaning restrooms, emptying trash receptacles and maintaining the hallway floors. Periodic stripping and waxing of the halls, computer labs and other tiled areas are completed when necessary. These are typically scheduled during breaks.

Window Cleaning
Custodial cleaning contractors are allowed to clean windows that are accessible from the ground, those not requiring a ladder for access. 

Exterior window cleaning and full window cleaning are provided by a separate contractor, other than those providing general custodial services, and is performed on an annual basis, upon special request, or prior to special events.



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