Transfer Students

Albert Walker, Ed.D., President of Harris-Stowe State UniversityI’m Dr. Albert Walker, President of Harris-Stowe State University.

In October 2011, I arrived at HSSU to assume the presidency of this historic institution in the heart of St. Louis, Missouri.  You could say that you and I have a lot in common because, in a sense, I too have chosen to transfer to Harris-Stowe State University.  Since then, it has been among my top administrative priorities to continuously shape a university atmosphere that focuses on excellent academic and personal experiences for all students.  Today, we want you to consider Harris-Stowe State University as your next choice for a university. 

I am sure that you are transferring from your current college or university for a reason.  Perhaps it’s financial, academic, or your last school just wasn’t a ‘good fit’ for you.  Please take a moment to let us know who you are and why you are considering transferring.  Then let us share with you a little about the transfer process.  Even if you decide that HSSU is not quite right for you, we are available to just talk about what you want out of your college experience.


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