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Dear Students:

Welcome to Harris-Stowe State University! As you perhaps know, Harris-Stowe State University is both one of the state's oldest public institutions of higher learning and one of the state's youngest. It began in 1857 as a normal school, established by the St. Louis Board of Education, and became a part of the state system of public higher education in 1979. Its first major predecessor institutions were the St. Louis Normal school for whites that later became known as Harris-Teachers College and the Sumner Normal School for African-Americans (founded in 1890), which later became known as Stowe Teachers College.

At times during its long history in higher education, the two predecessor institutions had missions that expanded and contracted with the needs of the times; however, during these mission changes, teacher education consistently remained the university's primary offering. For a number of years, both colleges had an extensive junior college division, with pre-professional offerings in many different career fields.

In June 1993, under a new state law, Harris-Stowe State University was authorized to expand its mission in order to address hitherto unmet higher education needs of Metropolitan St. Louis in key applied professional disciplines. Thus, the university became again virtually a new institution. Now, in addition to its traditional excellence in teacher preparation, the university offers an increasing number of new baccalaureate degree programs in — Business Administration, Secondary Teacher Education, Criminal Justice, Health Care Management, Accounting, Information Sciences and Computer Technology, and Hospitality/Tourism Management. Additional new baccalaureate programs in other key fields are now being planned.

The entire university community warmly welcomes you to its campus — which is also significantly expanding. We are hopeful that you will take full advantage of the many new higher education opportunities that are now available at Harris-Stowe State University. We are happy to have you join us in this truly historic period of our institution. We also want you to know that the university family, as a whole, will do all it can to make your years with us not only academically successful, but also personally pleasant and rewarding. We are strongly convinced that each of you has the potential to achieve high and important goals. We want you to believe the same and to put forth your very best effort toward that very attainment.

Again our warmest and sincerest welcome! Do not hesitate to seek our help whenever you feel you need it!

Very sincerely,

Albert Walker 


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