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The ATT Library and Technology Resource Center: Services

Library Use Policy & Reservation Information

The technology in the AT&T Library and Technology Resource Center is available for use by the general public. This is governed by the campus Acceptable Use Policy.

As a member of the Bridges Cluster within the MOBIUS library consortium, the library catalog is now accessible to any computer with Internet access ( This catalog links to the other eight Bridges Cluster members’ catalogs as well as to the full MOBIUS complement of member catalogs totaling more than 50 academic and public libraries across the state of Missouri. These links make the total combined collection of more than 17,000,000 items, most of which can be requested by the enrolled students, faculty and staff of Harris-Stowe State University. Once requested, these items are delivered within two to three working days. Students, faculty and staff can also visit other member libraries and check materials out directly by presenting their valid campus IDs, if they have established a record in the library circulation system. Students, faculty and staff of other MOBIUS affiliates have reciprocal privileges.

HSSU Alumni Association members and educators of the St. Louis area are entitled to borrow Harris-Stowe State University library materials but are excluded from MOBIUS privileges.

The computers in the library as well as the Telecommunity Room, Seminar Room and Computer Lab are available for public use free of charge, with the exception of long-distance fees for teleconferences. Contact Barbara Noble, Director of the AT&T Library and Technology Resource Center at (314) 340-3621 or to reserve any of the facilities of the center.

The AT&T Library and Technology Resource Center offers a variety of additional services to support the academic mission of Harris-Stowe State University, its faculty, staff and students. These resources are also available to accommodate public requests to use the library's facilities and technology for training and conferencing (some long-distance, security and registration fees may apply). The following is a list of services offered the library:

Teleconferencing, Presentations and Satellite Downlinks


Telecommunity Room

This area features full teleconference capabilities. The facility includes a 6-by-8-foot projection screen for easy viewing of teleconferences and other video images. The room also includes a MIDI composition/playback/sound system as well as full access to the University's computer network and the Internet. The state-of-the-art podium provides a single point of control for most of the room's features.

For more information, contact Director of Library Services Noble at (314) 340-3621 or e-mail,

Seminar Room

Slightly smaller and more intimate than the Telecommunity Room, the Seminar Room can comfortably seat 18 people around a central table. Full teleconferencing capabilities are available as well as a 50-inch plasma display and an electronic white board capable of producing full-color printouts of information presented. The room can be reconfigured as needed.

For more information, please contact Director of Library Services Noble at (314) 340-3621 or e-mail,


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