University Relations
Accuracy Check

Before printing any external correspondence, HSSU faculty, staff and student organizations must complete the Accuracy Check Form. The Accuracy Check Form may be downloaded below, and to complete the form, please fill it out and give the form and a copy of the document to Associate Vice President of University Relations Courtney McCall, or Coordinator of University Relations/Graphic Technologist Brenda Talbot for review. If necessary, changes will be requested, or if the original version is provided via email, the changes may be made for you. If making the corrections to the document yourself, print out a new copy and bring the revised version back to Room 110 or email the revised version to McCallC@hssu.edu or TalbotB@hssu.edu for approval.

After being approved, the Office of University Relations will sign off on the Accuracy Check Form so that the document can be printed. The HSSU Print Office will not print anything without a completed Accuracy Check Form.

Brochures, fliers, invitations, posters, banners, applications, etc. to be disseminated externally or posted around campus require a completed Accuracy Check Form. Completing an Accuracy Check Form for syllabi, letters of recommendation and PowerPoint presentations is optional. Please direct all questions or concerns to the Office of University Relations at (314) 340-3390. Thank you for your cooperation.

Please click here for the Accuracy Check Form. 
Revised fall 2013.



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