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: Criminal Justice

The Criminal Justice Program is a professional program that is designed to meet the needs of the criminal justice community by providing a well-educated pool of talent. Students may prepare themselves in three different areas of specializations:

-Law Enforcement
-Juvenile Justice
-Correctional Management

The Criminal Justice program has a well-rounded, flexible curriculum that allows the student to place special emphasis on specific skill areas, while at the same time, fulfilling the requirements of the program. This program provides students with:

-Strong communication and problem-solving skills.
-A firm foundation in contemporary social and political issues.
-An understanding of our modern multicultural society.
-A comprehensive knowledge base of available career options.
-An opportunity to gain work experience in the field.

This program includes the concept of the "Two-Plus-Two" system, where students may take the first two years of their education at a community college, and then come to Harris-Stowe to earn their four-year degree. These students must come from an accredited college, and possess an Associate of Science Degree, an Associate of Applied Science Degree or a combination of required courses that satisfy the standards set forth by the HSSU Office of Admissions.


1) Completion of at least 120 degree credit hours.
2) GPA of 2.0 in all course work and at least a "C" in all professional level courses.
3) Successful completion of the Senior Exit Examination.
4) Successful completion of the Senior Internship.

The following is a list of some of the organizations and career choices that are considered by our graduates.

City, County, & State Police Federal Bureau of Investigation Juvenile Courts 
Internal Revenue Service Office of the Federal Marshal Correctional Agency
Corporate & Private Security U.S. Postal Inspectors Military Police
Park Rangers Customs Officers Border Patrol
Warden  Deputy Juvenile Officer Shore & Water Patrol
Probation Officer Financial Investigator Criminologist
Juvenile Counselor Security Systems Expert

Court Officer

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