Sponsored Programs
Grant Process
  1. The Principal Investigator (PI) completes the Grant Proposal Pre-Submission Form and attaches it to their full proposal.
  2. Submit full proposal including a grant budget, letters of commitment/support from external agencies and vitae for key personnel to the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) no less than five working days prior to submission deadline.
  3. OSP will review the proposal for compliance to the granting agency and university regulations.
  4. OSP will distribute the proposal to administration and obtain needed signatures on all required forms.
  5. OSP will return the proposal to PI for final review no less than three working days before submission deadline.
  6. PI will return proposal to OSP for final edits and submission no less than two working days prior to submission deadline. Note that no changes will be made to the proposal by the PI after this submission to OSP.
  7. OSP will submit grant proposal to granting agency and distribute copies of full proposal to all parties involved.

* The OSP is available to review draft proposals at any time. Please allow at least two working days for review of the draft. Submission and review of a draft proposal does not exempt any proposal from the guidelines established above.



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