About Our Services

Individual Counseling - Students can schedule appointments to meet with a counselor confidentially to discuss personal concerns. Together, the counselor and student will explore the issue and strategize ways to alleviate the problem. 

Couples and Conjoint Counseling - Problematic interpersonal relationships, be they with a roommate or significant other, can wreak havoc in students' lives. Sometimes those problems are best resolved by bringing both partners into the room together to work toward a resolution. Provided one of the partners is an active student at HSSU, couples or conjoint counseling is an option.

Group Counseling - Counseling Services welcomes the formation of support or counseling groups to assist students with similar concerns that may benefit from the group process.

Crisis Intervention - Counseling Services offers urgent appointments and responds to campus emergencies that may require the assistance of a mental health professional.

Students Working Against Trauma (SWAT) - SWAT is a peer education group that provides programming to the student body on a variety of topics relevant to student life and wellness with a particular focus on HIV/AIDS and substance abuse prevention.

Educational Workshops and Seminars - A wide array of workshops are offered throughout the year to enhance personal development and academic success.

Consultative Services - The professional staff of Counseling Services avails themselves to faculty and staff who want to discuss their concerns regarding a particular student’s problematic, suspicious or dramatic change in behavior.




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