Student Government
Candidate Qualifications

All nominees must be currently enrolled at HSSU with a minimum of 12 credit hours.

All nominees must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or above and have sophomore 1 through senior 1 status. Candidates must be able to serve for two consecutive semesters. Students who will intern or student teach during their term are not eligible.

All nominees must be willing to participate in leadership training and development activities if elected to office. If elected, each nominee must build his or her class schedule around the regularly scheduled  meeting of the HSSU's SGA.

Nominees for representatives or at large members must meet the same qualifications except classification status. First semester freshmen may seek election as representatives. The election of the freshmen class representatives shall occur by September l5, with nominations being accepted during Freshman Orientation and the SGA “Get Acquainted” event. Other class representatives must meet the classification qualification of earned credit hours by the conclusion of the semester in which the election occurs. The student must be already enrolled in courses that will net the earned credit hours as follows:

Freshman representatives: 0-29 hours
Sophomore representatives: 30-59 hours
Junior representatives: 60-89 hours
Senior representatives: 90-120 hours

The 2.5 cumulative GPA must be maintained throughout the term of office.



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