Center for Retention and Student Success
Instructional Multimedia Lab

Media Circulation Equipment
To order equipment for your classroom, call the Media Lab at (314) 340-3640 or come in and place an order at the front desk. Available equipment:

  • Slide/Tape Projector
  • Audio Tape/CD Player
  • Digital Still Camera
  • Laptop Macintosh G4
  • DV Camera and Tripod

Media Training
Consult with the coordinator or staff to obtain training on computer programs, scanning, video production or multi-media production. Available training:

  • PowerPoint
  • iMovie production
  • iDVD production
  • Photoshop
  • Pagemaker or InDesign
  • FrontPage Editor

Enrichment Lab
Enrichment lab services are set up at the request of faculty to enable their students to do additional work with multimedia materials outside of class time. Computer stations have been set-up to run biology simulations and quizpacks. Formats provided include DOS, Windows and Macintosh. These available formats allow instructors to use educational software they have already purchased. Media Lab staff will be available to familiarize the students with the operation of the enrichment lab stations and verify the use of these stations by the students. A database of the students who login to the lab is available for the instructor of the class. Consult with the coordinator or staff to obtain training.

50 States Learning Games:
Recognize the Shape
Drag and Drop States
50 States Outline Map to Print

Media Services
Consult with the coordinator or staff to obtain media services for teaching and learning.  Available media services:

  • Multi-media production
  • Video editing
  • Color printing
  • Transparencies from computer files
  • Lamination
  • High speed audio duplication
  • Change format from audio tape to CD
  • CD duplication
  • Change video formats:
    • DV to DVD
    • VHS to DVD
    • DV or VHS to Windows Media, MPEG or Quicktime

Non-Print Materials
There is a database of non-print materials available that may be used to enhance teaching and learning. Search the database for your topic to find video tapes, audio tapes, laser disks, games and manipulatives. 

Spring Concert Link (Part 1)  

iMovie Handout

Media Lab Tours & Mini Workshops
Contact Bob Morrison, Coordinator of the Media Lab, at (314) 340-3638 to schedule your classes for tours. Methods classes have been given mini workshops on technology.



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