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Application Deadline:
May 15, 2015
Compensation: $1,000 stipend
Research Program Options:
Summer: June 8-August 6, 2015
Fall: September 7-December 4, 2015
Spring: January 11-April 29, 2016 
2015-16 Undergraduate Research Application

Harris-Stowe State University students may apply to participate in undergraduate research opportunities for the 2015-16 semesters. Successful participants will receive a stipend.

Activity I: Directed Readings and Mini-Research with a Faculty Mentor
Participants in Activity I will engage in directed readings of scientific articles or mathematics articles and problem-solving in the chosen field. Participants will be asked to write a summary of the article they read and the faculty mentor will critique the summary and provide suggestions, where necessary, for improvement. The reading and problems will be provided by the faculty mentor and will vary in level of difficulty as the semester progresses and depending on the status of the participant (freshman, sophomore, junior or senior). The faculty mentor and participant will discuss solutions to assigned problems after the participant has written his or her solutions. The purpose of this activity is to provide training to the student to be able to engage in independent research during the summer months and to cultivate student’s interest in pursuing a degree in Mathematics or Biology.

Directed readings in mathematics, biology, chemistry and physics will provide the student with insight into how mathematicians and scientists approach problem-solving situations. Students planning to major in Biology, Mathematics, Middle School Mathematics, Secondary Mathematics or Secondary Science are strongly encouraged to participate in this activity.

Activity II: Undergraduate Research in Environmental Science at the World Aquarium in St. Louis





Learn the scientific method and apply it to an interest area and develop a research paper designed to correspond to preparing an individualized research protocol. 

Write a survey paper and design a scientific research plan with each student and develop synthesis of understanding of the scientific method.


Based upon freshman year research, the students will follow a bench-level study to further analyze their scientific problem and develop the study findings for our end-of-the-year presentation in a seminar-style meeting to the community and publish in the annual project summary.

Contemplation to completion: bench-level research project.


Based upon the finding of the sophomore bench-level study, students continue to delve into their research interest area for a presentation to a national/international publication and or conference presentation.

Continue research to end with a published article and or a presentation at a national science conference.


Based upon junior year research study findings, apply information in a field site research protocol and develop further publication/presentation opportunities.

Field research/administration of findings and publication with career development opportunities.

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