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At Harris-Stowe State University the official catalog is called the University Bulletin. The University Bulletin under which a student is admitted, or last readmitted, to a degree program at Harris-Stowe State University shall be understood to be the governing statement regarding that student’s program of study at the University. This document shall remain as such for that particular student as long as he or she retains an unbroken series of semester enrollments in his or her major field, from the point of last admittance. Changes in this policy will be made by the University only in compliance with new or amended laws, regulations or accrediting standards issued by the federal government, state government or relevant accrediting bodies. It should be understood by all concerned that a student’s changing his or her major field of study has the effect of his or her adopting the version and requirements of the new program in effect under the current bulletin at the time of the change and that the student has given up previous Bulletin governance.

Click here to access the 2012-14 University Bulletin.

FILE AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD: Archive of the 2010-2012 Bulletin. Located at http://www.hssu.edu/ae/aefiles/53/2010-12UNIVERSITY BULLETIN.pdf BULLETIN.pdf.

FILE AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD: Archive of the 2006-2008 bulletin. Located at http://www.hssu.edu/ae/aefiles/53/2006-08_Bulletin2.pdf
FILE AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD: Archive of the 2008-2010 bulletin. Located at http://www.hssu.edu/ae/aefiles/53/2008-10 Bulletin.pdf


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