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Withdrawal/Drop Date

Tuition % Refund

Tuition % Due HSSU


Through Jan. 16, 2015




Jan. 17-Jan. 23, 2015




Jan. 24-Jan. 30, 2015







Spring  I

Through Jan. 12, 2015




Jan. 13-Jan. 15, 2015







Spring  II

Through March 16, 2015




March 17-March 19, 2015



Tuition refunds are made in varying amounts to students who officially withdraw from the University within specific dates from the official first day of class. Such refunds are computed as percentages of the tuition that the student has been assessed at the time of his or her registration. 

Student refunds are normally processed and a check sent by mail to the students address on their account. Charges added to the student’s account after a refund has been processed will become the student’s responsibility.  Only student accounts which are in a “refund status” will receive a student refund check.  A “refund status” results when posted funds are in excess of your charges, tuition, fees, books, etc., creating a credit balance. Pending aid is not posted aid.

A credit balance is the result of an overpayment on a student's account from financial aid, loans or payments received. Credit balance refunds will be processed when a credit actually exists on the student's account. Anticipated financial aid must be posted to the student's account in order for a credit to exist and for a refund to be processed.

For students who have applied for financial aid loans, here is what you can expect:

  • If you have accepted your loan(s) and have returned your award letter to the financial aid office then you will receive a disclosure statement by mail or email informing you of when your funds will be disbursed to HSSU.
  • Once your student account has been reviewed, all your paperwork completed and it is verified by the financial aid office that you are enrolled in sufficient class hours to receive the financial aid; your funds will be requested from the Department of Education to be disbursed to HSSU 30 days after the start of the semester. When your financial aid funds are received by HSSU from the Department of Education, we have 14 days to review your account and to adjust aid as needed depending on the hours you are currently enrolled. After your financial aid funds have paid your student account charges in full, if you then have a credit balance on your account, you are now eligible for a refund.
  • As student accounts go into credit balance, the Office of the Bursar processes refunds to students by checks through the mail and by electronic deposit to the Hornet Card (if you have chosen to register the U.S. Bank Prepaid MasterCard feature on your Hornet Card).
  • Please allow 7-10 business days from the day that your refund is processed to receive your refund check in the mail. For students that have elected to activate their Hornet Card (Prepaid Debit MasterCard account), please allow one to two business days from the day your refund is processed to receive your refund in your account.

NOTE: Your agreement to allow your federal financial aid to be applied toward all charges on your student account is important as this may impact the processing of your refund. Your refund may not be mailed to you or deposited onto your Hornet Card (Prepaid Debit MasterCard account) if your student account reflects a balance due after your refund has been processed. This applies if you have a balance due in the current term because you have not agreed to allow your aid to pay all charges or if you have a balance due in a term from the prior financial aid year. As refund checks are returned in the mail to the Office of the Bursar, students are emailed to advise that a check is available for pickup.

If for ANY REASON the hours you are enrolled in are adjusted up or down then your financial aid MAY be adjusted accordingly and you may owe money to HSSU and or the Department of Education. Before dropping any classes it is HIGHLY recommended that you see a financial aid counselor.

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