Faculty Senate
Welcome Letter from the Faculty Senate President

August 30, 2013


A Message from President Johndavid Kerr:


The Harris-Stowe State University Faculty Senate and University Assembly are part of the shared governance environment at Harris-Stowe and we are pleased to announce that the Faculty Senate is now in its second year of operation. HSSU’s nine senators represent the College of Education, College of Arts and Sciences and the Anheuser-Busch School of Business. Working for the betterment of governance for faculty, professional staff and students, the senate is committed to bringing results-oriented outcomes through collaborating with the Board of Regents, Interim President Constance Gully and the administration.


This website is a testament to the work of the senate and I hope that the site’s features and links provide transparency regarding our agenda, meetings, resolutions, and involvement with Missouri’s shared governance system, such as the Missouri Association of Faculty Senates and member universities.


Under our Six Key Initiatives, I have set forth a course of action for the senate to increase faculty governance at Harris-Stowe through, including but not limited to, the following initiatives:


·         Senate Finance Committee: this committee will work with the Board of Regents to bring ideas and creative solutions from the faculty to address institution-wide goals and objectives and to bring transparency to the university budget process;


·         Improved Shared Governance and Communication: the senate has established a two-week pipeline with the Division of Academic Affairs to process senate resolutions for presentment to the president and Board or Regents or for reconsideration by the senate;


·         University Standing Committees: the senate will oversee the realignment of standing committees and will consider improved policies and procedures to ensure these committees add value to the institution’s academic and curricular goals;


·         Faculty Manual: the senate is involving faculty in revising the faculty manual for final completion of this two-year project;


·         Faculty Survey: the senate will create a shared governance survey that will be given in the spring to all regular, full-time faculty to produce data for the continued improvement of shared governance.


I have briefly mentioned some of the key initiatives and activities envisioned for the next 12 months, and I encourage you to check this site often as we will provide updated messages, documents, and links in an ongoing effort to provide both internal and external stakeholders with information about our senate activities and progress. 


Thank you, again, for visiting the HSSU Faculty Senate website and do not hesitate to contact me or any of the senators with questions, ideas, and suggestions. We are here to help move the needle on supporting and advancing our institution’s mission and purpose by complementing the shared governance environment in the best interests of everyone. 



Best Regards,


Dr. Johndavid Kerr

Faculty Senate President


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