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The Office of the Registrar: Enrollment and Degree Verifications

Third Party Requests

Several companies, including employment and hiring agencies, lending agencies, insurance companies, credit card companies, travel companies, housing agencies and consumer product companies require that students provide proof of enrollment or earning a degree at higher education institutions. The Office of the Registrar submits enrollment and degree information to the National Student Clearinghouse throughout the semester, which allows several agencies access to verify enrollment and degree information without having to contact students to request the information. All third party requests for Degree or Enrollment Verifications will be referred to the National Student Clearinghouse as the Clearinghouse is Harris-Stowe State University’s authorized agent for providing degree and enrollment verifications.

For enrollment verifications, please visit the National Student Clearinghouse at

For degree verifications, please visit the National Student Clearinghouse at

Student Requests

The Office of the Registrar may verify enrollment or degree completion at the request of students for the current semester. Enrollment verifications will only be processed for students that have completed registration. Degree/certification verifications will be processed for students who have applied/conferred a degree or have been recommended for certification. For certification verification requests, the Office of the Registrar will only verify that students have been recommended for certification if all requirements have been met.

Enrollment or Degree/Certification verification forms are located in the Office of the Registrar or may be downloaded on this page. A student ID and form completion are required for processing. Verifications are processed as time permits. Please allow two business days to process verification requests, additional time may be required during semester peak times.

Click here to download an Enrollment Verification Form:

Click here to download the Graduation/Certification Verification Request Form:

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