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Link to MyHSSU: Your 24/7 Campus Connection
Link to MyHSSU: Your 24/7 Campus Connection
Link to MyHSSU: Your 24/7 Campus Connection

The following list includes offices and departments which maintain Web pages at Harris-Stowe State University. If you do not see a department or office you wish to contact in this list, please call (314) 340-3366. If you are looking for contact information for an individual, please visit our Employee Directory.

Home--ABSB-(314) 256-8162-zakeryf@hssu.edu
   Webpage-- Application & Registration
   Webpage-- Bob Virgil Center for Entrepreneurship
   Webpage-- Contact Us
   Webpage-- Degree Programs
   Webpage-- Faculty and Staff
   Webpage-- Mission Statement
   Webpage-- Newsletters
   Webpage-- Public Reports
   Webpage-- Student Organizations
Home--ACADEMIC AFFAIRS-(314) 340-3611/3612-HendricG@hssu.edu
   Webpage-- Absence and Withdrawal Policies
   Webpage-- Academic Policies and Procedures
   Webpage-- Overview
   Webpage-- Staff
   Webpage-- University Bulletin
Home--ADMISSIONS-(314) 340-3300-admissions@hssu.edu
   Webpage-- Applications
   Webpage-- Financial Aid
   Webpage-- First-time Freshman & Transfer Student Scholarships
   Webpage-- International Students
   Webpage-- On-Campus Residency Requirement
   Webpage-- Online Admissions Acceptance
   Webpage-- PARENT FAQs
   Webpage-- Requirements
   Webpage-- Staff
   Webpage-- Transfer Students
   Webpage-- University Contacts
   Webpage-- Welcome
Home--ADVISING-(314) 340-3307-Advisement@hssu.edu
   Webpage-- Financial Clearance Administrative Withdrawal Policy
   Webpage-- Graduation Information
   Webpage-- Registration Info
   Webpage-- Staff
   Webpage-- Withdrawing
Home--ALUMNI AFFAIRS-(314) 340-3390/3391-alumni@hssu.edu
   Webpage-- Alumni Board Minutes
   Webpage-- Alumni Newsletters
   Webpage-- Buy-A-Brick
   Webpage-- Calendar
   Webpage-- Contact Us
   Webpage-- Get Involved
   Webpage-- Info. Update Form
   Webpage-- Meet the Alumni Board
   Webpage-- Membership
   Webpage-- Membership Benefits
   Webpage-- Stay Connected
   Webpage-- Student Scholarships
   Webpage-- Welcome
Home--AT&T LIBRARY-(314) 340-3622-nobleb@hssu.edu
   Webpage-- Computer Lab
   Webpage-- Dr. George H. Hyram Seminar Room
   Webpage-- Hours of Operation
   Webpage-- Library Databases
   Webpage-- Open Access Area
   Webpage-- Services
   Webpage-- Staff
   Webpage-- Telecommunity Room
Home--ATHLETICS-(314) 340-5721-HuntP@hssu.edu
Home--BUSINESS AND FINANCE--morrowb@hssu.edu
Home--CAREER SERVICES-(314) 340-3512-careerservices@hssu.edu
   Webpage-- 2014 HSSU Annual Career Fair Information
   Webpage-- Alumni Services
   Webpage-- Black Executive Exchange Program (BEEP)
   Webpage-- Career Planning
   Webpage-- Co-ops & Internships
   Webpage-- Employer Services
   Webpage-- Job Search
   Webpage-- Job Search Prep.
   Webpage-- Links
   Webpage-- Prepare for the Career Fair
   Webpage-- Registration
   Webpage-- Where Do Our Graduates Work?
Home--CENTER FOR RETENTION AND STUDENT SUCCESS-(314) 340-3650-GriceA@hssu.edu
   Webpage-- Academy for University Prep
   Webpage-- ADA Information
   Webpage-- Basic Skills Courses
   Webpage-- College Testing Service
   Webpage-- Contact Us
   Webpage-- Disability Accommodation
   Webpage-- GED Testing
   Webpage-- Instructional Multimedia Lab
   Webpage-- Newsletters
   Webpage-- Tutoring Help
Home--COLLEGE OF ARTS & SCIENCES-(314) 340-3317-AdelaniL@hssu.edu
   Webpage-- A&S Goals
   Webpage-- Degree Programs
   Webpage-- Faculty
   Webpage-- General Ed Competencies
   Webpage-- General Ed Curriculum
   Webpage-- Newsletter
   Webpage-- Welcome
Home--COLLEGE OF EDUCATION-(314) 340-3662-smithla@hssu.edu
   Webpage-- Certification
   Webpage-- COE Faculty Page
   Webpage-- College of Education Student Activities
   Webpage-- Education Forms/Docs
   Webpage-- Faculty
   Webpage-- FAQ
   Webpage-- NCATE/MOSTEP
   Webpage-- Overview
   Webpage-- PDSC
   Webpage-- PRAXIS II
   Webpage-- Undergrad Programs
Home--COUNSELING-(314) 340-5089-bernardv@hssu.edu
   Webpage-- About Our Services
   Webpage-- For Parents
   Webpage-- Helpful Links
   Webpage-- Meet the Counselors
   Webpage-- SWAT (Students Working Against Trauma)
Home--DINING HALL-(314) 340-5992-KaisarM@hssu.edu
   Webpage-- Block Plans
   Webpage-- Meal Rates
   Webpage-- Menu
Home--DISCOVER HSSU-(314) 340-3391-mccallc@hssu.edu
   Webpage-- Campus History
   Webpage-- Campus Information
   Webpage-- Cornelius
   Webpage-- Discover HSSU Video
   Webpage-- Ferrin
   Webpage-- Graduation Videos
   Webpage-- HSSU Fun Facts
   Webpage-- Mission Statement
   Webpage-- Photo Galleries
   Webpage-- Pivotal Years at HSSU
Home--DISTANCE EDUCATION-(314) 340-3525-smootd@hssu.edu
   Webpage-- Summer Course Information
Home--EARLY CHILDHOOD-(314) 340-5055/5066-johnsonp@hssu.edu
   Webpage-- Clay Center Advisory Council
   Webpage-- Contact Us
   Webpage-- Fee Schedule
   Webpage-- Newsletters
   Webpage-- Photo Gallery
   Webpage-- Welcome
Home--FACILITIES MANAGEMENT-(314) 340-3351-maintenance@hssu.edu
   Webpage-- Building Maintenance
   Webpage-- Custodial Services
   Webpage-- Director's Page
   Webpage-- Facility Requests
   Webpage-- General Services
   Webpage-- Grounds
   Webpage-- Services Guide
   Webpage-- Shipping & Receiving
   Webpage-- Special Requests
Home--FACULTY SENATE-(314) 340-3317-PierM@hssu.edu
   Webpage-- Duties of the Senators
   Webpage-- Faculty Institutes
   Webpage-- How to Make Proposals and Reports
   Webpage-- Link to Minutes
   Webpage-- Mission Statement
   Webpage-- Next Meeting
   Webpage-- Nominations for the Emerson Teacher of the Year
   Webpage-- Shared Governance
   Webpage-- Standing Committees
   Webpage-- Status of Motions
   Webpage-- Welcome Letter from the Faculty Senate President
Home--FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE-(314) 340-3500-FinancialAssistance@hssu.edu
   Webpage-- Applying for Financial Aid
   Webpage-- Financial Aid Sources
   Webpage-- Financial Assistance FAQ
   Webpage-- First-time Freshman & Transfer Student Scholarships
   Webpage-- HSSU Financial Assistance Checklist/Forms
   Webpage-- Institutional Policy for Scholarships & Awards
   Webpage-- Staff
   Webpage-- Work-Study Program
Home--HSSU-(314) 340-3366-
   Webpage-- About HSSU
   Webpage-- Academic Schools and Colleges
   Webpage-- Accreditation Information
   Webpage-- Campus History
   Webpage-- Campus Information
   Webpage-- Campus Map & Directions
   Webpage-- Campus Offices
   Webpage-- Degree Programs
   Webpage-- Mission Statement
Home--HSSU BOARD OF REGENTS-(314) 340-3380-CookT@hssu.edu
   Webpage-- Board Agendas
   Webpage-- Board Meetings
   Webpage-- Board Members
   Webpage-- Board Minutes
Home--HUMAN RESOURCES-(314) 340-3340-hr@hssu.edu
   Webpage-- Benefits
   Webpage-- Holidays
   Webpage-- How to Apply
   Webpage-- Job Opportunities
   Webpage-- Staff
   Webpage-- Welcome
Home--INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY-(314) 340-3327-HelpDesk@hssu.edu
   Webpage-- Acceptable Use Policy
   Webpage-- Contacts
   Webpage-- Copyright and DMCA
   Webpage-- Help for Faculty & Staff
   Webpage-- Help for HSSU Students
   Webpage-- IT Staff
   Webpage-- Security Policy
   Webpage-- Technology Overview
   Webpage-- Vendor Information/Inquiries
   Webpage-- Welcome
Home--INSTITUTE FOR SCIENCE & MATHEMATICS -(314) 340-5955-TurnerT@hssu.edu
   Webpage-- Academy for Science & Math History
   Webpage-- Newsletters
   Webpage-- Science and Mathematics Academy Video
   Webpage-- Undergraduate Research
   Webpage-- Welcome
Home--INSTITUTIONAL ASSESSMENT-(314) 340-3574-fogtj@hssu.edu
   Webpage-- Assessment Committee Minutes
   Webpage-- Contacts
   Webpage-- FAQs
   Webpage-- Links
   Webpage-- Student Learning Outcomes
   Webpage-- TLA Tips
   Webpage-- Welcome
Home--INSTITUTIONAL COMPLIANCE-(314) 340-3544-bostich@hssu.edu
   Webpage-- How to make a compliance inquiry
   Webpage-- Welcome
Home--INSTITUTIONAL REVIEW BOARD-(314) 340-3612-smithd@hssu.edu
   Webpage-- FAQs
Home--INTRAMURALS-(314) 340-5971-Intramurals@hssu.edu
   Webpage-- Intramural Basketball
   Webpage-- Intramural Fitness Classes
   Webpage-- Intramural Fitness Classes
   Webpage-- Intramural Flag Football
   Webpage-- Intramural Pool & Billiard games
   Webpage-- Intramural Sand Volleyball 2014
   Webpage-- Kickball Rules
Home--OFFICE OF THE BURSAR-(314) 340-3342-AustinA@hssu.edu
   Webpage-- Billing and Payment
   Webpage-- Forms
   Webpage-- General Office Information
   Webpage-- Refunds
   Webpage-- Tuition and Fees
Home--PRE-LAW CLUB-(314) 256-8179-KerrJ@hssu.edu
   Webpage-- 2010 Meetings
   Webpage-- Contact Us
   Webpage-- Membership
   Webpage-- Mission
   Webpage-- Officers
   Webpage-- Welcome from the President
Home--PRESIDENT'S OFFICE-(314) 340-3383-SutherlinL@hssu.edu
   Webpage-- A Message from the President
   Webpage-- Administration
Home--PUBLIC SAFETY-(314) 340-3366-WilliamK@hssu.edu
   Webpage-- Crime Information
   Webpage-- Crime Prevention
   Webpage-- Parking Safety
   Webpage-- Reporting A Crime
   Webpage-- Safety Tips
   Webpage-- Weapons Policy
   Webpage-- Welcome Message
Home--REGISTRAR-(314) 340-3600-McElmurC@hssu.edu
   Webpage-- Administrative Withdrawal
   Webpage-- Confidentiality
   Webpage-- Contacts
   Webpage-- Enrollment and Degree Verifications
   Webpage-- Exchange Program
   Webpage-- Financial Clearance Administrative Withdrawal Policy
   Webpage-- Grade Forgiveness
   Webpage-- Graduation
   Webpage-- Registration
   Webpage-- Transcripts
Home--RESIDENTIAL LIFE-(314) 340-5005-BakerS@hssu.edu
   Webpage-- Bosley Hall
   Webpage-- FAQs
   Webpage-- Gillespie Residence Hall
   Webpage-- Health Information
   Webpage-- HSSU Housing Contract
   Webpage-- Meet Nick
   Webpage-- Meet Rebekah
   Webpage-- Meet Virgil
   Webpage-- On-Campus Residency Requirement
   Webpage-- Online Housing Application
   Webpage-- Residential Hall Fees
   Webpage-- Submit a Work Order Request
   Webpage-- Welcome
Home--SOCIAL NETWORKING-(314) 340-3391-Communications@hssu.edu
   Webpage-- About Social Networking
   Webpage-- Facebook
   Webpage-- Twitter
Home--SPONSORED PROGRAMS-(314) 340-5747-SponsoredPrograms@hssu.edu
   Webpage-- Educational Talent Search
   Webpage-- FAQ
   Webpage-- Grant Links
   Webpage-- Grant Process
   Webpage-- Overview
   Webpage-- Standard Forms
Home--STUDENT ACTIVITIES-(314) 340-5042-stuact@hssu.edu
   Webpage-- Campus Sustainability
   Webpage-- Clubs/Organizations
   Webpage-- FAQ: Greek Orgs.
   Webpage-- Flier and Leaflet Approval
   Webpage-- Freshmen & Transfer Student Orientation
   Webpage-- HOLA Leaders
   Webpage-- HSSU Weekly Hornet Buzz
   Webpage-- Overview
   Webpage-- Programs/Services
   Webpage-- Student Orgs.
Home--STUDENT AFFAIRS-(314) 340-5112-goodenc@hssu.edu
   Webpage-- Departments
   Webpage-- Health Services
   Webpage-- Mission
   Webpage-- Overview
   Webpage-- Parental Notification Policy
   Webpage-- Student Events Calendar
   Webpage-- Welcome
Home--STUDENT GOVERNMENT-(314) 340-5112-stugov@hssu.edu
   Webpage-- 2013-2014 SGA Officers
   Webpage-- Candidate Qualifications
   Webpage-- Membership & Meetings
Home--STUDENTS-(314) 340-3391-Communications@hssu.edu
   Webpage-- eLearning Instructions
   Webpage-- MYHSSU Instructions
   Webpage-- Welcome
Home--UNIVERSITY RELATIONS-(314) 340-3391-McCallC@hssu.edu
   Webpage-- Accuracy Check
   Webpage-- Board Highlights
   Webpage-- Contact Us
   Webpage-- Flier and Leaflet Approval
   Webpage-- HSSU Fun Facts
   Webpage-- HSSU Style Sheet
   Webpage-- Pivotal Years in HSSU History
   Webpage-- Press Releases
   Webpage-- Welcome
Home--WJI & AG-(314) 340-5773-hayesr@hssu.edu
   Webpage-- Donors List
   Webpage-- Hours of Operation
   Webpage-- Mission
   Webpage-- Photo Gallery
   Webpage-- Upcoming Shows & Events
   Webpage-- View the Collection
   Webpage-- Welcome