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Link to MyHSSU: Your 24/7 Campus Connection
Link to MyHSSU: Your 24/7 Campus Connection
Link to MyHSSU: Your 24/7 Campus Connection

Thank you for participating in this survey. The purpose of the survey is to obtain community opinions and perceptions of Harris-Stowe State University (HSSU) from individuals familiar with the the institution.

Based on knowledge you have of Harris-Stowe State University, please respond to the statements below.

Harris-Stowe State University has a diverse STUDENT population:
Harris-Stowe State University has a diverse FACULTY and STAFF:
Harris-Stowe State University has good quality academic programs:
Harris-Stowe State University produces work-ready graduates:
Harris-Stowe State University is a good value for college students:
Harris-Stowe State University has an inviting campus atmosphere:
Harris-Stowe State University faculty, staff, and administrators are known to be helpful and caring toward students:
Compared to other institutions in the St. Louis area, Harris-Stowe State University would be:
My main source of information about Harris-Stowe State University is…
I have visited the Harris-Stowe State University campus and interacted with students, faculty, or staff within the past 24 months
Your current or most recent employment or academic status:
Additional comments:
Are there questions you would have liked us to ask but we didn’t?
Optional contact information: You may voluntarily tell us about yourself and participate in follow-up surveys by providing HSSU with the following information.
I agree to participate in future surveys and follow ups
First Name:
Last Name:


  • Survey owner/sponsor: Harris-Stowe State University, Assessment and Institutional Research
  • Survey developed by: Office of IT Services
  • Dates active: May 31, 2012 - May 31, 2013*
  • Sampling method: Opt-in online survey only
  • Population sampled: General population
  • How results will be used: Results of this survey will be used by the HSSU administration to assess community opinions regarding the university. By providing optional contact information you agree that HSSU may (but is not obligated to) contact you about your responses or ask you to participate in future and follow-up surveys. HSSU does not share survey-participant information with third-party vendors. HSSU does not use survey participant contact information in internal or external reports related to this survey.

Contact: For questions, please e-mail it@hssu.edu

*Harris-Stowe State University reserves the right to discontinue and or modify questions in this survey in part or whole without notice.